Canberra Subud Group

Email: [email protected]

Phone : Frances - 0402 289 589

Note that the ‘Latihan’ is for members only. You can enquire about membership via the contact options above.

It is recommended  that visiting members confirm latihan times with the group contact before attending as they can change.

In particular, it is advisable to check if the women's latihan on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are happening
by ringing either Ruth Maberley on 0406 375 528 or Ruth Mackay on 0432 925 702.

Latihan times:


8:30 pm for 8:45 pm      Women


10:30 am for 10:45 am  Women 


7:15 pm for 7:30 pm      Women

8:30pm for 8:45pm        Men


8:30 pm for 8:45 pm     Women  


9:45 am for 10:00 am     Women

10:45 am for 11:00 am   Men