Subud Australia


The Work of the Helpers

  • Local Helpers. The dewan of local helpers is directly concerned with watching over the unity of the membership, opening people who wish to enter Subud, making sure that they are able to receive the latihan, imparting an understanding about the basis and aim of the latihan kejiwaan of Subud, answering questions submitted by the members and visiting those who are ill. They shall also contact those who have ceased to come to the group latihan in order to see what the reasons are for their withdrawn. The local helpers should watch over the members’ latihan so that there is not a single person who could say that he cannot yet receive and feel what is called the latihan kedjiwaan of Subud. The selection of local helpers is done by testing.
  • National Helpers. The dewan of national helpers must look into and know about the work of the helpers and also participate in solving member’s problems that cannot be solved by the dewan. The national helpers must keep themselves informed about the progress of the members and impart to them a deep understanding of the truth of the latihan kejiwaan of Subud, so that the inner selves of the members may be truly Subud (Susila Budhi Dharma). The national helpers are directly responsible to the international helpers. The appointment of national helpers is for a period of four or five years, from World Congress to World Congress.
    Exceprts…From Bapak to national, regional and local helpers (letter) 3 December, 1974.
  • International Helpers. The dewan of international helpers consists of 18 helpers: nine men and nine women divided into three areas.  Three men and three women are chosen for each area:
    Area 1 is Asia.  Area 2 is Europe/Africa.  Area 3 is the Americas.
    Bapak told the international helpers, ‘You must give life to the latihan of the groups’ – that ‘ This requires sincerity, submission and absolute trustworthiness’ and that ‘You must not be swayed by friendship or closeness to anyone but must be objective in your judgements.’
    Their duty is to supervise, to be aware of and to bring understanding or awareness to the inner nature of the Subud members. They receive reports about the progress of the membership all over the world and pay attention to the situation and to the understanding of the members or the attitude of the members to Subud all over the world.
    From Bapak’s talk Toronto, 16th august 1979

Helpers Contribution at Congress 09 Melbourne

At Congress, the helpers offered assistance in the following ways:

  • Latihan –was timed for half an hour, so that testing of 1-2 questions could occur afterwards. This was a change in tradition to allow more general testing opportunities.
  • Kedjiwan – 2 Seminar rooms were set aside to allow testing to continue, open for any testing.
  • Testing for National Chair
  • Personal Testing – a roster was available in the seminar rooms.
  • Young People – testing was available in the evenings after evening latihan, which was more suited to many Young People’s time clocks.
  • Council members – any testing or support needed for council members was offered, in addition to the half hour latihan for Council Members, which was scheduled before each general latihan.