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Subud Australia Membership Cards

Following Ibu Rahayu’s comments at the 2013 Indonesian Congress, an initiative has been underway to reinstitute membership cards in Australia. In so doing, the National Committee is seeking to follow Bapak’s original guidelines, as closely as possible. The initiative has also brought into focus our obligations under the Subud Australia Constitution and Regulations. In particular, the requirement to hold a list of member’s names who belong to “The Spiritual Association of Subud in Australia.”

As you are aware, membership cards have not been produced in Australia for several decades. This, combined with the fact that many groups do not maintain up-to-date membership registers, makes the task at hand even more challenging!

The good news is that the National Council (at this year’s mid-year meeting) approved the rollout of “virtual” membership cards – an eCard which is held on a mobile phone. eCards have many advantages over physical cards including increased functionality (e.g. buttons for push notifications and quick navigation to Subud URL’s, and a scannable bar code which may be utilized for Congress admin./security). Costing only 20 cents per card to produce, it is not only the most economical alternative, it is also the most environmentally friendly.

Steps to download your eCard:

Search for the “” using your browser on your phone.

(Go to “Get eCred” or at the bottom of the page there are 2 buttons to select “App Store” or “Google Play”)

  • Download the app by choosing one of these buttons. (Depending on your type of phone)
  • Install when prompted.
  • Open when installed.
    (The app becomes a virtual wallet for your Membership Card once it is installed on your phone.)
  • Fill out your name on the form
  • Carefully fill out the phone number field with your normal mobile number.
  • It’s an optional field for date of birth and email address.
  • Press “Save” (top left)
  • Accept Agreement
  • Touch the “Star” icon on the bottom sleeve on the wallet and your Subud Membership Card will arrive.

Use of Card

Touch partly visible card appearing out of wallet sleeve

Card now appears in full with Symbol and lettering

Swipe card to turn it over to see your details.

Name: (Check spelling)

Year opened: This will be blank unless you inform the National Committee of the year you were Opened.

Membership Number: Can be your old card number if you have it and it’s passed onto the NatCommittee. Otherwise a number will be allocated.

Barcode: For use when arriving at Congress and meals.

Blue Button 1: Home Web site this takes you to Subud Australia’s Web Page (currently being optimised for display on Phones and Tablets) with other useful links.

Blue Button 2: Members Offers This is where to press to read notifications like urgent Subud News, Congress Agenda Changes, Reminders for Congress Bookings, New Bapaks Talks when they become available.

Photo ID: When card becomes established and for those that wish at a later date.

To change your card details or if you have questions Text 0400 888 095 (Hussein)  OR