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The World Subud Association (“WSA”) is a not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. (USA). Subud members engage in a non- denominational spiritual practice called the “latihan kejiwaan,” a practice originating in Indonesia that has now spread worldwide. We welcome new members 18 years and older. Our organization does not discriminate on any basis, including nationality, gender, colour, age, or sexual orientation. Subud is not a religion and is open to persons of all faiths and those who do not follow religions. WSA and other Subud organizations do not have a policy or practice to change the religious beliefs or practices of Subud members (or non-members), their sexual orientation, or their rights to state their views on such subjects, consistent with their own religions and the laws of the countries in which they reside.

The essence of Subud is the personal experience of the Latihan Kedjiwaan (Indonesian words for training of the soul) – a direct contact with the power and guidance of God. When we initially receive this contact, our soul is awakened by the power of God, and this is known as ‘opening’. We surrender to this power during the latihan and follow any movements and experiences that we receive. The experience of the latihan is different for everyone, and people receive what they need at the time.

The word Subud is an acronym derived from three Sanskrit words, Susila, Budhi and Dharma.

Susila is living according to the highest human principles through the will of Almighty God.
Budhi is the power of the Great, or Divine, Life Force acting within us.
Dharma is complete surrender and submission to the power of God.

Subud is open to people of all religious affiliation as well as those with none. Subud members come from different cultures, nationalities and walks of life, and there is no particular Subud dogma or teaching that members are required to accept.

The latihan is received, preferably together with other Subud members, but men and women separately, for about 30 minutes twice a week. Through the latihan, our lives gradually become more guided by the power of God, bringing about an inner harmony and contentment to our inner feeling. This inner purifying process in turn may gradually be reflected in improvements in our outer lives.

The founder of Subud, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, was born in Indonesia in 1901 and died in 1987. Subud remained almost exclusively within Java for many years. However Muhammad Subuh, who is usually referred to as Bapak (an Indonesian term of respect for an older person) had received that the gift of the latihan was for all mankind, and in 1957 Bapak was invited to visit the UK, after which Subud began to spread rapidly around the world with members now found in many other countries and cultures.

The organisation of Subud operates through the World Subud Association. Its executive body, the World Subud Council (WSC), looks after the legal, financial and communication aspects of Subud to facilitate the latihan and its expression through Subud members in the world. The WSC is an international team which is replaced at each World Congress, held every four years in a different country.

To find out more please contact your nearest Subud centre which can be found on this website.