Subud Australia



Acronyms, Abbreviations and Indonesian Words

Bapak: ‘Father’, an Indonesian term of respect given to all older men; in Subud usually refers to its founder, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

Dewan: ‘Council’, used to describe groups of helpers on different scales (local, regional, national, international) to distinguish them from organizational Committees which also operate on these different scales. All, on all scales, work as unpaid volunteers.

Kejiwaan: ‘Spiritual’, of the soul or spirit. An adjective used also to describe a day or weekend set aside for more intensive group latihan practice, and social connection.

Latihan: ‘Training’, also exercise, practice, rehearsal. Refers to the received movement and sound meditation, which is practised in Subud.

Subud: an acronym of three Indonesian words − Susila, Budhi and Dharma.
Susila means good moral and ethical behaviour – our outer self;
Budhi refers to the atom of the Divine, or the ultimate power in the Universe, working in our inner self; and
Dharma brings these two together, through the practice of the spiritual latihan, to create an integrated, harmonious whole human being.

Testing: Asking a question of the Higher Energy, then relaxing physically, emotionally and mentally, so one is open to receive guidance – as distinct from using one’s own self-will to focus or make a decision.

The “Wings”: loosely co-ordinated, semi-autonomous international bodies within Subud allowing people to collaborate with those of like mind, and/or to showcase the talents and skills that have developed through their practice of the latihan, and which − ideally − are of benefit to the wider world. These are:

SICA: The Subud International Cultural Association − for those working in the arts, sciences, education, the environment, philosophy, etc., to demonstrate, publish or otherwise broadcast innovative work. Within SICA are a few special interest groups, such as Subud Writers International (SWI), Subud Educators Association (SEA), and the Subud Network for Sustainable Development (SNSD).

Susila Dharma (SD): The charitable and philanthropic wing of the Subud organization, associated with the UN, which runs some 100 projects mostly in the developing world.

SIHA: Subud International Health Association, an international group of doctors, therapists, and other healers.

Subud Youth Association (SYA): Promoting youth activities.

Ramadan: the regular 30-day Muslim annual fast, observed voluntarily by a number of both Muslim and non-Muslim people in Subud.