Subud Australia


Organisational Chart

Subud is present in over 80 countries world-wide. Each country is independently organized, although uses a similar internal structure.

Subud is organised and led by a National Council, which has representatives elected from each State. The National Committee is the working sub-group of the Council, and prepares or gathers information for the Council to consider and on which to reach a consensus.

The National Committee consists of Directors and Other Workers:

  • National Chair – Kenneth B. – oversees all activities of Subud Australia.
  • National Vice Chair – Alexis G. – assists the National Chair.
  • National Treasurer – Juana DJ. – keeps track of the national purse and how money is spent.
  • Committee Councillor – Bruce R. – represents Subud Australia at World Congress and all other International meetings in the SE Asian Zone, which is one of eight world zones.

Other Workers:

  • National Office Manager – Vacant –  Council’s secretary; attends to all legal requirements; assists with organisational and administrative tasks;  maintains the National member mailing list.
  • Bookkeeper – Juana DJ  – maintains professional record keeping as required by our auditor and keeps the treasurer informed on all monetary matters.
  • Web site
    • Webmaster –Kitka H – skilled in web design and coding.
  • Subud Ink Editor – Latimah J – collates Australia Group news and posts a Newsletter.
  • Property Coordinator – Sandra E – has an administrative, operational, and strategic planning role relating to the various properties owned by Subud Australia.
  • Archivist – Vacant. – collects and collates news and major decisions from all Groups in Australia for archival purposes.

The National Council consists of: the Chairs of all the groups throughout Australia, the National Helpers, the National Chair of each Wing, which are specialist sub-committees. The National Council members make the final decisions on all Subud Australia issues, with only the Group Chairs and the National Chair carrying voting rights.

Group Chairs:

  • Each of the 16 Groups in Australia has an elected Chair, who represents the Groups on National Council. (See Contact pages for list of names).

Wings: The Wings are specialist sub-committees, which provide a tangible avenue for manifestation of the latihan energy. Each Group has Wing representatives, who promote and support the sub-committees.
From these representatives, one person is then elected as the National representative for each area:
–     Susila Dharma (SD) – Latimah J. – humanitarian and welfare projects, mostly in 3rd world countries.
–     Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) – Mitchell R. – promotion and celebration of individual and group cultural expression.
–     Subud Enterprises Services (SES) – Vacant. – promoting Enterprise, where part of the business proceeds are directed to financing Subud activities.
–     Subud International Health Association (SIHA) – Vacant – promoting and supporting members’ sound physical and emotional health.
–     Subud Youth Association (SYA) -Anisah F. – promoting Subud youth activities.

National Helpers and Kejiwaan Councillor:
Members are supported in their practice of the Latihan and in their Spiritual development, by Helpers and also through Kejiwaan days, which is when the latihan is practised more intensively.

  • Helpers. Each Group has local Helpers, to assist members to maximise the benefits of Latihan practice.
  • National Helpers. Eight National Helpers are appointed, 4 male and 4 female, to sit on National Council, support local helpers and Groups, and have an overview of members’ spiritual needs throughout Australia.
  • The Kejiwaan Councillors  One male and one female National Helper, along with the Committee Councillor, are Australia’s representatives at World Congress and other International meetings in the South East Asian Zone.
  • Two International Helpers from the South East Asian zone are currently resident in Australia (the number can vary by term) and they support the National Helpers and members in their area.