Subud Australia

Wings (Activities)

Subud’s activities include projects in the areas (called Wings) of:
Susila Dharma – social and humanitarian projects
Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) – cultural activities
Subud International Health Association (SIHA) – health projects

Further activities (Special Interest Groups) are in the areas of:
Conflict Resolution

Susila Dharma

Susila Dharma International (SDI) is a non-governmental organization whose worldwide members support and carry out social and humanitarian projects. SDI’s mandate is to build human capacity by facilitating partnerships, education, training, and funding’ … more…


Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) is a cultural organisation of the World Subud Association, and an affiliate of Subud Australia, established for the development of human values which facilitates and promotes cultural activities that serve both its members and the general public … more…

Youth Projects

YES Quest goes international at World Congress.

Subud International Youth supports young people to organize humanitarian, educational, cultural and social projects as avenues for personal and community expression and growth. The Youth Travel Fund is for attendance at the Subud World Congress 2010, in New Zealand. Consider a donation for the International Youth Travel Fund … more…