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International Child Development Program

In 1985 Professor Karsten Hundeide, University of Oslo, Norway, started developing a programme, aware of the millions of vulnerable children silently suffering through adult neglect whose number is increasing as result of wars, catastrophes, social upheavals and other pressures of modern life.

ICDP formed an international team and in 1992 registered ICDP as an competence-building NGO in the field of psycho-social and educational care of vulnerable children. The approach is based on the idea that the best way to help children is by helping adults who care for them. For that purpose ICDP developed a programme that promotes dialogue and good relationship between adults and children. In 1993, the ICDP programme was evaluated and later adopted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, who also published our manual as a WHO document. There is also close cooperation with UNICEF. The programme was tested out and evaluated in different parts of the world. There is evidence that the programme works in different societies and with caregivers from different cultural and educational backgrounds. ICDP offered training workshops to individuals, non governmental and governmental organisations in a number of countries, including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, England, Italy, Palestine, Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Angola, Ethiopia, Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Australia. ICDP developed projects on large scales in Angola, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Macedonia and Colombia.

SICA Australia and ICDP

SICA Australia is currently working to establish ICDP in Australia by fundraising to provide training of facilitators in Australia and creating a sustainable strategy for the implementation of ICDP methods within the childcare and education sectors.

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ICDP Training in Australia 2009:

Training for 12 ICDP Australia Facilitators will take place in Redland Bay, Brisbane from 23 – 26 April – with International ICDP Trainer Lailah Armstrong who is visiting from Oslo, Norway. The trainees include professionals from the Childcare, Education, Psychology, Government and Corporate sectors.

Further information on ICDP in Australia and Training – Contact ICDP Rep