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Youth Projects

International Youth Travel Fund  (pdf) – assisting youth to travel to congress

YES Quest goes international at World Congress.

Subud International Youth supports young people to organize humanitarian, educational, cultural and social projects as avenues for personal and community expression and growth. The Youth Travel Fund is for attendance at the Subud World Congress 2010, in New Zealand. Consider a donation for the International Youth Travel Fund.

Maybe it’s because I work with youth. Maybe it’s because it’s Ramadan. Or maybe it’s because I am spending part of this Ramadan with our stalwart brother Hamilton Manley, co-coordinator of Subud Youth International. But I have been moved (1) to make out an early Zakat check to support youth travel to our next World Congress in early 2010 and (2) to suggest that others of you reading this article join me.
Hamilton and I were once young people in Subud ourselves, long before a wing was established to support youth activities. It takes a lot less than decades of latihan, however, to realize that the future of Subud, like everything else, lies in the hands of our youth. If they do not become what Varindra Vittachi once called “staunch Subud members,” Subud will have no future. In short, investing in our youth is investing in ourselves.

Further, we all know that World Congresses are true venues for inspiration. There we can feel the reality of what Bapak once said, that when individuals filled with true human souls think of their family, they always think of the whole world. Our youth–the Subud leaders of the future–need that experience, as many of them as possible.
SYI is committed to raising US$30,000 for the International Youth Travel Fund through the collection and paid recycling of aluminun cans and perhaps other activities. The Muhammad Subud Foundation and The Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace have agreed to match this figure with up to another $30,000 each. Well, it’s my feeling, perhaps even my early Qodar-Ilham, that we Subud members from around the world should collectively pitch in with another $30,000 to help assure that a solid representation of our Subud youth, especially those financially less able to make the trip, join us at Christchurch in early 2010. It will take a mere 300 of us willing to pledge and send $100 each. Now we need only 299.
Many thanks for considering this Ramadan request.
Ramadan mubarak – Blessed Ramadan.

Sincerely your brother
Reynold Feldman
Subud member at large

2010 Youth Fundraising Flyer

Donating to the IYTF